Rejection on the World Record Bid for Harry Kane

The Tottenham Hotspur would refuse to accept a world-record bid for the football player form football club in the summer, a source revealed that to a newspaper.

A report of a newspaper on Sunday indicated that the football club Real Madrid would like to purchase the forward for £200 million at the end the season; some revealed that the Hotspur side will not sell the football player for any price. The 24-year-old strike’s contract will be expired till 2022.

Real Madrid’s ranking languished at the fifth place in the La Lifa, and the small group – the front three consisting of Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale was purchased from Tottenham Hotspur, creating a record for that year for £86 million. In the season, the front three have scored 10 league goals with Real Madrid.

Harry Kane has won 28 goals in all football matches in the season, 20 goals out of them in league; he also became the highest goal scorer in European football with 56 goal in total, being the first football player surpassed Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in a calendar year from 2009.

In the early days of this month, the president Daniel Levy of Tottenham Hotspur declared that the football club will not sell any football starts before the next season. At that time, the football club is planning to move into the new stadium for a cost of £800 million.

Levy expressed his determination in playing with the football club Tottenham Hotspur. He claimed that he is confident to play with the football club; other football player will play with the football club, too. At the very beginning, the homegrown striker had express his willing to remain at the Tottenham Hotspur in the whole in early days; the coach Mauricio Pochettino said he will not force anyone who not willing to stay here.

When asked what will keep him at the Tottenham Hotspur, Harry Kane answered he will happy to stay with the football club Tottenham Hotspur as long as it was keeping progress and got better.

The winger Malcom of Bordeaux expressed his willing to play for Premier League while he also said that he will not be depressed in case of failing to realize it. The young football player aged 20 is closely related to move in the winter, with reports revealing Tottenham Hotspur have prepared to sign the excellent young football player. After winning the match over Nantes, Malcom claimed that he will not being disturbed by some rumors and fake speculation. The only thing he need to do is build up his strength in Hotspur football kits.

He says he doesn’t know whether he will leave the football club. He leave the problem to his agents and his club. Life is full of various choices and no matter who cannot decide things in the future. In addition, he also expressed his willing move to Premier League football clubs. He said it is a dream for him. Becoming a professional football player of a football club in Premier League is a dream for many football player. There is no exception for him.

Tottenham HotSpur’s Footballers Shall not be blamed for Flu

Many footballers was infected by a virus flu before the match at Southampton on Sunday. The the coach of Tottenham Hotspur refused to attribute the bad sequences to the flu. Two footballer like Captain Hugo Lloris and Christian Eriksen missed the football match for the sake of illness. The footballer is a footballer who returned the football club for five years until now, arguing the severe flu was incurred by playing football match in heavy rain on a muddy pitch.

Tottenham HotSpur has conducted the warm-weather training in Barcelona, and all football player has got better before leaving for Spain. Although a few football players were disturbed for the illness, but that is not an excuse for this time sub-par performance on Sunday at Southampton. Their manager also confirmed that some football player participated in the game have been affected by the virus flu, but he claimed that they need to improve their overall ability rather than to focus on the trivial matter. Although there are many unfavorable factors for the bad sequence, they need to prove overall if they still would like to win the top-four place.

When the coach was asked who were sick when the match was held on Sunday, he refused to reveal names of those football player, considering they still need to improve their ability further. The draw is not the reason we can comfort ourselves for the bad performance.

For the goal scored by the excellent football player Davinson Sanchez, the football club took lead in early stage while the header offered by Harry Kane levelled the score ahead of losing the best opportunity to win in the end. For the football player himself, the header is also his 99th Premier League goal.

The manager of Tottenham Hotspur told the football player of his team that there is no need to be depressed and frustrated for the draw, because the result of justice on the basis of their common performance. That is a massive chance for Harry Kane at the end of the football match; in case of careful analysis, the sequence of the football match is fair.

The bad sequence of the football match on Sunday caused the football team two points behind the Liverpool, who won the fourth place in the league. Recently, the football club Liverpool will play several football games, with the following three football matches against Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal.

When asked whether the sequence with create or smash the hopes of Champions League football, Pochettino indicated that the sequence of football game is significant for Hotspur. Wining goals or losing games will all affected the football club in league competitions. Winning an ideal position in league matches will be difficult for them if they played football matches with some sparing efforts.

The coach also declared that he is not concerning about the shortage of transfer in January and he refused to reveal any information about the recent rumors about Harry Kane.

A 1-1 Draw of Tottenham Hotspur at Southampton

A sub-par and disappointing performance caused a 1-1 draw at Southampton on the Sunday. The football club Tottenham Hotspur dropped two points in the football game. In the fifteenth minute, Southampton took the lead position in the football match as Davinson Sanchez won a goal by striking it into net; after three minutes, the Tottenham Hotspur scored a goal with the assistance of Ben Davies. The whole match is a total mess. Neither Tottenham Hotspur nor Southampton failed to win applauses from spectators and audiences for outstanding performances on football fields, leading a draw at the end of the football match.

Positive Effects

As a substitute of sick Hugo Lloris, Michel Vorm have not incurred any errors for his unsuitable actions, which prove him to be a useful replacement. In the football match, both Mousa Dembele and Jan Vertonghen were two excellent professional football players; actually, Tottenham Hotspur may find some comfort from practical conditions on football fields for having not lost all three points as Southampton got a clear sight of goal.

Negative Effects

No matter what have been got from Tottenham Hotspur’s football game in the middle of a week, the manager Mauricio Pochettino failed to get something he intended to win. Hotspur is worryingly depressed for losing most balls, causing footballers being lamentable and imprecise on the break. When all the first four rivals won football matches on a weekend, the gap between the fourth place and the fifth place was widen for the sub-par performances.

Manager’s Rankings out of 10

As Christian Eriksen is unavailable for the football team, Moussa Sissoko have to fill in the vacancy. The football club also worried about the football is reluctant to change decisions on football while the original scenario is totally ineffective. Considering the sequences of win, appointing Pochettino to take the fill in the position were too late and two defensive.

Players’ Rankings (the 10 meaning the best player)

The 7th Best Professional Football Player – Michel Vorm

Although lack of opportunity to intercept the goals by Sanchez, the handling and distribution of a ball is proved being correct. Strength in depth in a critical place is needed.

The 8th Best Professional Football Player – Serge Aurier

In the fierce first half of the game, he got out of his position several times in defence. Although there are little threats of him in the game, his performance was improved slightly in the second half.

The 7th Best Professional Football Player –Ben Davies

He have not been affected by too much pressure from rival team, but he have pose much threat over Aurier. Although his crossing was not very dangerous as other footballers, he offered assistances for the equalizer of Kane.

The 6th Best Professional Football Player – Davinson Sanchez

He was disturbed by his awareness of position as usual in the first half, giving too much time to Southampton and forcing himself to intercept balls by last efforts sever times. His performance in the first half is totally a mess for Hotspur.