Premier League: Kane & Eriksen

Kane meets all requirements in Tottenham win over Cardiff while Eriksen shows his strength. Harry Kane will receive honours again at the time of new year’s coming. With his assistance, Tottenham Hotspur poses stress on their rivals by winning the second place among Premier League teams. After being awarded an MBE, Kane won scores after 141 seconds, breaking his duck in the football match against Cardiff City. At that time, he has won goals against 27 first-class football teams he has played with. In the game, Kane was the catalyst in a half hour. The club also decided to cultivate a typically competent Christian Eriksen forward from the edge of the box.

As the hunter rather than one being hunted, perhaps Spurs were to enjoy themselves. Mauricio Pochettino intended to change all football players to supporters. They still six points lower than the summit. In order to make their lives as interesting as possible, the football club sent a timely reminder to Man City and Liverpool. Although Pep Guardiola’s win ease the tension situation in winning the title, Pochettino is a keen and neutral observer.

Tottenham Hotspur

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For the sake of neglects against Wolves, there will be more difficulties in a trip to south Wales, in which Tottenham Hotspur will face another difficult evening against the promoted game. With assistance of Harry Kane, Tottenham Hotspur defeated extremely porous defence by three goals, contributing to a disastrous collapse of Cardiff.

Prior to Eriksen’s disaster-like finish, Kane kept the ball rolling. And son sealed the victory. On the contrary, it was another overwhelming defeat against the big hitters of the league. Naturally, Cardiff’s defeat to the league’s “big six” caught attentions from most people.

During the holding of Asian Games, son played for South Korea and led the team to win the title. In addition, he also was exempted from military service. He also said, “It’s a great pity for his missing in September.” He also felt sorry for his teammates, football fans and coaching staff. In spite of his sadness about the absent, he still believes the missing is indispensable. He hopes he could play an important role in national team. Perhaps he will absent of football matches with Fulham, Watford and Newcastle, as well as the second leg of Tottenham’s Carabao Cup semifinal with Chelsea.

Spurs hope the game will come back in February, 2019 to play ten football matches against Leicester of the same league. It’s possible that he will be tired after football games on behalf of South Korea. After all, he will try his best to return from Asian Games. Such a condition is also confirmed by the footballer himself. He argued that he will play a game every two or three days. He also hopes he could play all football games with right mental and returned with strong mind. In addition, a good physical condition will be necessary.

It is also a turning point for Son, because of tiredness in physical and mental. It’s good to take this opportunity to adjust himself as much as possible.

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